I'm a student named Makayla. I fell in loved with horse books (what?) when my new school made me do summer reading in fifth grade. Yeah. Harry Potter is what broke me from that niche though, and today I am happy to say that I’ll read books from almost any genre (as long as they’re good). I tend to be more lenient towards the YA urban-fantasy genre - yes, I still blame Harry Potter for that.
I’m also one of those crazy people who loves school. My teachers are the people who always encourage me to read books and do what I love. Without school, I might never have discovered that I love the classics too. So don’t bash on school yet, I swear, it’s actually useful.
Random facts about me: I play piano, soccer, and hockey. I’m a HUGE geek. No joke. I actually understand half the things that Sheldon says on The Big Bang Theory. Merlin, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Buffy, Downton, Game of Thrones, Sherlock, and lots of other shows love to steal time from my life, and put me through such a tumult of emotions I almost implode. I’ve read a lot of books, so I won’t even try to list those. And the walls of my room are covered in posters. I’m most proud of my map of Middle Earth.
I started this blog because I already spend half my time on twitter talking to all my other blogger friends that I figured I might as well join the club. But this isn’t the typical blog with “Teaser Tuesday’s,” ”Waiting on Wednesday’s,” and Swoon Thursday’s.” Instead, it’s a collage of reviews and articles. I like to argue a lot, and that’s not always the best thing to do in a review (although it will happen, just you wait).